We strongly recommend you to use chicken thighs and not chicken breasts for any stir-fried dish, the meat will be much more tender.

The combination of pork and bamboo shoots is classic in Thai cuisine. It can be found, for example, in many dry curries from Southern Thailand, the famous khua klin...

The simplest dishes are often the best. Here's a vegan version of the green mango salad with roasted coconut.

Serves 2

40 g freshly grated coconut

1 young mango, peele...

In that vegan version of the famous "tom kha", the wontons are filled with mushrooms and tofu. "Tom" means soup in Thai, while "kha" is galangal and "khiaw" is wont...

A salad for mushroom lovers. Sweet, sour, spicy, easy and delicious !

Serves 2

400 g mixed mushrooms such as enokitake, bunapi-shimeji, ear mushroom, oyster mushroom


This recipe is a creation of our school. On a classic base, the green mango salad, we add fried fish caught locally and Chiang Mai strawberries for seasoning.

Everyone loves home-made raviolis ! Making your own ravioli paste is rewarding but it's time consuming. You can use instead wonton wrappers or fresh lasagna paste....

This sweet soup can be served in small individual pumpkins for a sophisticated presentation. The soup will be then turned into a lovely surprise for your guests. Yo...

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