This Isan curry will seduce you with its simplicity of execution and intense flavors. An authentic and balanced recipe!
Serves 2

Curry paste
5 dry, seeded and rehydr...

In Thailand you will enjoy two types of panang curry: served like a soup with vegetables or fried with a very reduced sauce. When the curry is fried, the pork absor...

This vegan dish is inspired by "khua kling" curries. Khua kling are a variety of dry curries, that we found especially in Eastern and Southern Thailand. This recipe...

This dish is called after the main ingredient : "kung maenam", meaning river prawns. Popular dish in Bangkok, it's not much known here, in Koh Samui. Give it a try,...

Red curry, vegetable root and berries. Easy, tasty, healthy!

Serves 2

Curry paste
3 dry spur chilies, seeds removed 
3 garlic cloves
2 shallots
1 lemongrass stalk, fi...

At the beginning, Thai people prepared a pork mixture inspired by the fish cakes mixture and they were using it to wrap Chinese sausage. This recipe still exists to...

If you like vegetable curries, this little known dish from Northern Thailand is for you. The recipe is very easy !

Serves 2

Curry paste
5 spur dried red chilies, seed...

This spicy recipe is very easy to prepare and it's also delicious with mixed seafood.

Serves 2.

8 prawns

2 tablespoons red curry paste

1 kaffir lime leaf

4 snake beans


Here is a typical recipe from southern Thailand, with chilli leaves and tofu. The chilli leaves not only bring a characteristic flavour, they also give a nice green...

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