Morning Glory, a classic of Thai cuisine, made in no time

(serves 2) :

300 g morning Glory, cut in 5 cm lengths

3 tablespoons chicken stock

2 sliced bird eye chilies

4 c...

The origins of the dish are not very well known but some cooks say that it was created by a drunkard, with what he had in his refrigerator. The result being delicio...

This vegan dish is inspired by "khua kling" curries. Khua kling are a variety of dry curries, that we found especially in Eastern and Southern Thailand. This recipe...

Available at any restaurant or street stall, the different varieties of fried rice are highly popular in Thailand. Here's a recipe that includes curry paste.


Pad Thai is one of the best-known and most appreciated Thai dish. Here's our favorite vegan recipe with a very special sweet chili sauce !

Serves 2.

2 tablespoons veg...

Enjoy a typical dish from Southern Thailand, made in no time !

Serves 2

250 g calamari, cleaned, sliced

1 teaspoon white peppercorn

2 fresh garlic cloves

1 teaspoon shri...

We strongly recommend you to use chicken thighs and not chicken breasts for any stir-fried dish, the meat will be much more tender.

This spicy recipe is very easy to prepare and it's also delicious with mixed seafood.

Serves 2.

8 prawns

2 tablespoons red curry paste

1 kaffir lime leaf

4 snake beans


No more than 5 minutes preparation and 5 minutes cooking for this yummy vegan recipe !

Serves 2

150 g tofu, cut in 1 cm cubes

70 g wood ear mushrooms, sliced

50 g ginge...

In that recipe, pork ribs are cooked on very low heat, so the meat melts in the mouth ! All the ingredients are easily available and it's not a spicy dish, ideal to...

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