Which Thai ingredients can I take home? I live in Europe.

Take advantage of your trip to Thailand to buy top quality ingredients to cook after your return to Europe! But what exactly are you allowed to take home?

The good news is that you can bring almost anything back! European phytosanitary regulations are rather tolerant regarding imported foodstuffs. Let's start by seeing what is not allowed and then we will recommend some authorized ingredients that will keep well during transport.

Few commodities are banned.

These include all meat products (e. g. dry sausages), everything that may contain soil and seeds. Unfortunately, you have to forget the idea of growing Thai vegetables in your garden! Be aware that, contrary to popular belief, you are liable to a fine if you carry these types of goods in your luggage.

Sugar, seafood, fruits, vegetables, plants and spices can be part of the trip.

If you like Thai cuisine, you already know that we add sugar to all our dishes, in generous quantities. Take advantage of your stay to buy coconut nectar, hard to find in Europe and very expensive. Below, in photo, our favorite variety, a real delight!

Among the seafood products, we recommend that you stock up on small dried shrimps for use in many salads. There are two main varieties: the one used in salads such as the famous "Som Tam" (picture 2 below) and