Bunch of new curries to the menu



The sun is back on Koh Samui ! Time for you to try new curries at your cooking school ! We've added some 20 more curries to the menu, including 4 more vegan recipes.


Curries from the Isan (North-Est of Thailand) : Spicy cat-fish and snake-zucchini curry, Fish curry in banana leaves, Chicken curry with yellow glutinous rice, Sweet taro and pork curry, Steamed mushrooms curry in banana leaves (vegan)


Curries from Southern Thailand : Spicy cat-fish and Thai sweet basil curry, Crab and betel leaves curry, Prawns and vegetable yellow curry, Spicy and sour durian and shrimps curry, Corn curry in banana leaves (vegan)


Curries from the Central Plain : Sour sea-bass and snake-fruit curry, Clams and pineapple red curry, Spicy and sour shrimp curry, Chicken and pea-eggplants curry, Spicy chicken and young bananas curry


Curries from Northern Thailand : Spicy dried cat-fish and jack-fruit curry, Spicy pork ribs and mushrooms curry, Hungley pork and pineapple curry, Coconut and bitter gourd curry with rice noodles (vegan), Hungley vegetable curry and rice noodles (vegan)

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