Cooking with fruits and flowers


In Thailand, fruits and flowers are part of many dishes. Have you already enjoyed a salad with banana flower or a curry with lotus stalk ? Come and cook with us, we've added 20 new dishes on the menu!



Spicy salad pomelo, dried shrimps and cashew

Spicy salad raw papaya, blue crab and cashew nuts

Raw mango with smoked dry fish

Spicy salad Raw mango, coconut, dried shrimps

Spicy salad banana flower, shrimps and peanuts

Chicken salad with banana flower



Spicy sour soup with lotus stalks and snake head fish

Spicy fish soup with raw papaya, coconut and banana



Red curry with marinated roasted chicken and ramboutans

Massaman curry with durian

Spicy fish curry with banana flowers


Steamed, stir-fried and roasted dishes

Dolichandrone flower with pork-fish filling

Stir-fried lotus stems and shrimps

Spicy stir-fried raw jackfruit

Stir-fried onion flowers and pork liver

Roasted pineapple with chicken, shrimps and cashews

Spicy rice noodles with dried shrimps, pineapple and ginger



Banana custards

Sweet sticky rice with butterfly peas and longans 

Candied fruits of the sugar palm tree




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