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In this book, you will discover 25 authentic and tasty curries. To make curries and recapture the flavours you loved on your trip to Thailand, you'll need to source the key ingredients and get your chillies and seasonings right.


That's what this book is all about! It's not just a collection of recipes, it's a cooking course: here we tell you how to do it and why to do it that way. And if you still have questions, write to us and we'll get back to you shortly.


Because cooking is a pleasure to share, all recipes are for two people.

  • Details

    PDF file that can be viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with most ebook readers.

    60 pages.

  • Contents

    Introduction to Thai curries


    Red curries from the Central Plain

    Red chicken curry with rambutans

    Stir-fried prawn curry with snake beans

    Freshwater prawn curry with calamari

    Steamed fish curry

    Fish curry with rice noodles


    Green curries

    Green curry with chicken and aubergines

    Green curry with chicken and young bananas

    Green curry with freshwater prawns and snake beans


    Panang curries

    Panang pork curry with aubergines

    Stir-fried panang pork curry with Thai basil


    Yellow curries from Southern Thailand

    Yellow chicken curry with tree basil

    Yellow fish curry with kaffir lime leaves

    Yellow fish curry with wild pepper leaves

    Stir-fried yellow pork curry with green peppercorn


    Sour curries

    Sour prawn curry with acacia omelette

    Sour fish curry with young papaya

    Marinated pork curry with chamuang leaves


    Massaman curries

    Massaman chicken curry with potatoes

    Massaman beef curry with sweet potatoes


    Curries from Northern Thailand

    Chiang Mai chicken curry with crispy noodles

    Hungley pork curry with pickled garlic

    Pork jungle curry with holy basil and green peppercorn


    Curries from Isan

    Pork curry with mushrooms and dill

    Pork curry with taro and acacia

    Freshwater prawn curry with snake gourd

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