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In Koh Samui we are blessed with an abundance of fruits, vegetables and herbs

grown and harvested locally. Preparing a tasty vegan meal is so easy !


Your cooking school is vegan friendly. We can adapt any meat/fish dish to vegetarian or vegan diet but we also have a big bunch of plant-based recipes. Plant-based cuisine has always occupied a prominent place on our menus. Each member of the team has contributed to develop it for different reasons: compassion for animals, religion, health and because it tastes better !


We love plants so much that we wrote a book with our 60 favourite plant-based recipes. If you follow a cooking class with us, on-site or online, you'll receive the book as a gift. You can also buy it separately, it costs only 180 THB.


Would you like to prepare yummy vegan spring rolls as a snack or as a starter ? What about a massaman curry with pumpkin and snake beans as main course ?  Or would you prefer a Pad Thai ? Maybe a Tom Yam soup ? Served with rice or noodles. If you like sweets, you'll be amazed by the variety of vegan desserts in Thai cuisine.


All in all, you can find more than 60 vegan dishes on the menu. If you want some suggestions for your menu, feel free to ask. Give us a call or drop us a line. Talk to you soon !

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