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Wok stir-fried dishes

Wok stir-fried dishes


Stir-frying is part of everyday Thai cooking, which is quick, easy and very diverse.


In this book you will discover 40 recipes, most of which require only a few minutes of preparation and cooking. Some of the recipes are very well known, such as chicken with cashew nuts or pork with holy basil. Others will surprise you with their originality or the strength of their flavour.


In the introduction, you will find advice on how to make your seasonings, use chillies and choose your herbs. When possible, we indicate which substitutes to use for the more exotic ingredients. Many of the pages also contain suggestions and variations. With recipes for fish, seafood, vegetables and meat, you will become an expert in the art of wok cooking!


If you have any questions about recipes or ingredients, please write to us and we will be happy to answer them.


Because cooking is a pleasure to share, all recipes are for two people. They are moderately spicy by Western standards.

  • Details

    PDF file that can be viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with most ebook readers.

    56 pages.

  • Contents



    Stir-fried fish and seafood

    Omelette stuffed with vegetables and prawns

    Fish with celery and ginger

    Fish with herbs and fingerroot

    Fish with green peppercorn and bamboo shoots

    Calamari with chilli paste

    Calamari with morning glory

    Calamari with shrimp paste

    Sweet calamari

    Calamar with garlic

    Sweet and sour prawns with pineapple

    Sweet and sour prawns with tamarind

    Prawns with lotus stems

    Prawns with asparagus

    Prawns with luffa and egg

    Mussels with garlic and Thai basil

    Clams with holy basil

    Soft shell crab with curry and spicy oil

    Blue crab with curry and egg


    Stir-fried vegetables

    Morning glory

    Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce

    Mixed vegetables

    Mixed mushrooms

    Bitter melon with egg

    Aubergines with minced pork

    Tofu with bean sprouts

    Vegetables with green peppercorn and holy basil


    Stir-fried meat

    Chicken with ginger

    Chicken with cashew nuts

    Sweet and sour chicken with jujubes

    Chicken livers with cayenne pepper

    Pork with bamboo shoots

    Pork with holy basil

    Pork with beans and chilli paste

    Pork with young broccoli

    Pork with spinach and egg

    Southern style pork with bitter beans

    Beef with garlic, coriander and white peppercorn

    Beef with black peppercorn

    Beef with tree basil and kaffir lime leaf

    Beef with green peppercorn and Thai basil

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