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Vegan spicy and sour mushroom soup, Tom Yam Het

This spicy and sour mushrooms soup reveals the subtle aromas of plant-based Thai food. Give it a try! The only risk is to get addicted!

Serves 2.

1 lemongrass stalk, flattened

2 kaffir leaves, crumpled

60 g galangal, sliced

1 coriander root, flattened

50 g onion, sliced

25 g shallot, sliced

2 tablespoons light soy sauce

1 pinch salt

1 tablespoon vegetarian roasted chilli paste

2 tablespoons tamarind juice

1 teaspoon coconut sugar

200 g mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms (cut in half), king oyster mushrooms (sliced), straw mushrooms (cut in half) or shimeji mushrooms

2 fresh bird's eye chillies, thinly sliced (optional)

2 tablespoons non-dairy cream "Carnation" (optional)

4 cherry tomatoes, halved

3 coriander sprigs, chopped

Bring the vegetable stock to a boil. Add galangal, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, coriander root, onion, shallot, soy sauce, salt, roasted chilli paste, tamarind and sugar. Simmer over a low heat, covered, for 10 minutes.

Add the mushrooms and cook for another 3 minutes. Taste to adjust the seasoning. Remove the galanga, kaffir leaves, lemongrass and coriander root. Add the sliced bird's eye chillies and non-dairy cream, if using.

Transfer to serving bowls and garnish with tomatoes and coriander.

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