Krua Bang Po, our favorite seafood restaurant in Koh Samui

As you often ask us where you can find nice and authentic Thai cuisine on the island, we have decided to write a series of articles about our favorite restaurants.

You won't find any fancy restaurant on that list, only restaurants who are specials to us and are out of the beaten tourist tracks

So first, as we are on an island, let's talk about seafood !

Krua Bang Po, located on Bang Po beach, is one of the simple places where we love to have lunch. Most of the menu is about seafood : mussels, prawns, crab, squid, fish, prepared with many different sauces. Very interesting point for a foreigner : half of the dishes are not spicy !

Our last lunch there was on Thursday and we ordered a fried rice with vegetables (a big plate for 2 persons, 100 Thb) and mussels, sauteed with garlic and basil (16 pieces for 120 Thb). Other dishes we highly recommend : the soft shell crab in a pepper sauce, the grilled calamari and the whole fish deep fried with garlic.

How to find it ? It's on Bang Po beach, the GPS coordinates are the following : 9°34'42.9"N 99°56'29.7"E.

Enjoy your meal, kha !!!


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