Jok Nong Pooh, our favorite soup and dim-sum restaurant, in Bophut

Follow us to discover a Sino-Thaï restaurant. You will taste succulent soups and varied dim-sum, accompanied by iced tea. At the end of the article, learn how to make rice pork soup yourself, the traditional Thai breakfast.

The operation of this restaurant can be a bit disconcerting for foreigners. No one speaks English but it would be a shame to miss out on an authentic experience in a delicious and really inexpensive restaurant. So here's the procedure to follow, in pictures.

First get a number from a table. This way, the waiters will know which table to bring the dishes to. Then take a tray, put your number on the tray and select your dim-sum in the refrigerated display case. You can sit down unless you prefer to order a drink at the counter. Your dim-sum will arrive in a few minutes! They will be transferred by the restaurant staff to small steam baskets and they will arrive warm on your table. Delicious!!!

Price of the dim-sum: 20 THB per cup (about 0.6 USD). 20 THB also for iced tea. If you don't order a drink, the staff will bring you (free!) water and ice cubes.

The restaurant also offers another yummy speciality, pork leg, cooked for hours, served on a plate with rice, pickled mustard leaves, Chinese broccoli and hard-boiled egg. The meat's in the shop window, point it out. It will be served with a sauce to pour on the plate. The meat melts in your mouth! It's a full course for lunch.

Price of the plate: 50 THB (about 1.5 USD)<