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The mysterious colored eggs

If it's not Easter Eggs, what is it ???

When visiting the market, our guest are always surprised by the colored eggs. We can find in Thailand more varieties of eggs than we are accustomed in the Western countries. If it is not Easter eggs, what is it ?

The smallest of them are quail eggs. We will find them for example in coconut cream desserts, eaten especially in the Issan.

Duck eggs (all the other eggs in the picture) are used to develop salted eggs because the thickness of the shell will allow longer storage in brine, which increases the salt content. After the brine process, the yolk will become dark green with a strong ammonia odor while white become brown and translucent, like a jelly. This is a dish considered refined, commonly eaten in salads.

Do you want to prepare a dish with preserved eggs ? Just ask us for the recipe !


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