Clams and pineapple red curry, or kaeng kua hoy saparot

This very sweet curry is a specialty from the Central Plain of Thailand. For a fancy presentation, serve the curry in individual half-pineapple.

Recipe for 4 persons

Curry paste (medium spicy according to westerner palate)

4 dried spur chilies, seeds removed

2 bird eye chilies 4 lemongrass stalks, roughly cut 1,5 cm galangal root, sliced

4 small shallots

4 garlic cloves 1/2 teaspoon shrimp paste Re-hydrate the large chilies in hot water for about 10 minutes then drain and pound. Add, little by little, the other fresh ingredients into the mortar and pound to achieve a smooth paste. Add then the shrimp paste, mix and reserve.

Clams and pineapple curry

1 kg clams or 500 grams clams meat

400 ml coconut cream