Stuffed fried calamaris

To prepare this recipe, you'll need small calamaris and a pastry pouch to fill them in. You'll be greatly rewarded by an exquisite result !

This recipe will serve 4 to 5 persons.

500 g small calamari (squid) tubes

Fresh coriander, to garnish

Filling :

300 g pork, minced

2 coriander roots

4 garlic cloves

½ tablespoon white peppercorn

3 tablespoons spring onions, chopped

½ tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon fish sauce

Pound coriander roots, garlic cloves and white peppercorn to achieve a smooth paste.

Combine paste with pork, onions sugar and fish sauce into a large bowl, then mix well.

Fill calamari tubes ¾ full with stuffing. Close with toothpicks.

Steam the stuffed calamaris for about 5 minutes (until half-cooked). Remove from the heat and drain carefully.