Sweet and sour crisp-fried noodles, or Mee krop

Mee Krop means literally "crisp noodles". It's mostly a sweet recipe, balanced with tamarind and lime juice.

The ingredients will serve 4 persons.

200 grams rice vermicelli

Vegetable oil, to deep-fry

1 beaten egg

200 grams prawns, peeled, deveined

2 heads of pickled garlic, sliced

2 tablespoons sweet tomato sauce (ketchup)

2 tablespoons coconut sugar

2 tablespoons tamarind sauce

2 tablespoons lime juice

2 tablespoons kaffir lime rind (or pomelo rind)

2 tablespoons fish sauce

Garnish : bean sprouts, spring onions cut in 2,5 cm lengths

Warm-up the oil and, in your hands, form "nests" with the noodles. Deep-fry the nests on both sides until they turn golden. Drain on kitchen paper and set aside.

Make a thin omelette from the beaten egg and, once cooked, cut into fine stripes. Set aside.

Stir-fry half of the garlic in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Then add the shrimps and cook until they turn pink.

Add tomato sauce, sugar, tamarind, lime juice, lime rind and fish sauce. Mix well.

On a serving plate, place first the noodles and then pour the sweet and sour prawns mixture and sauce on top of the noodles.

Garnish with the omelette stripes, been sprouts, spring onions and the remaining garlic. Serve immediately. Toss gently before enjoying your dish.