Vegetable spring rolls, a Thai favourite

Vegetable Thai spring rolls

Here is our favourite recipe for fried vegetable rolls, as well as a variation including glass noodles.

Serves 2 (6 pieces).

6 fresh spring roll wrappers


1 garlic clove

1 coriander root

1 teaspoon white peppercorns

3 g ginger

60 g carrot, grated

35 g ear mushrooms, thinly sliced

20 g onion, chopped

5 g spring onions


1 tablespoon mushroom sauce

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon of sugar, dissolved in 2 teaspoons of water

cooking oil

Pound garlic, coriander root, peppercorns and ginger until smooth.

In 1 tablespoon of oil, stir-fry the garlic-coriander paste, carrot, mushrooms and onion for about 3 minutes. Add the seasoning and spring onions then remove from the heat. Cool for about 10 minutes then divide into 6 equal portions.

Place a spring roll wrapper on a board with one corner facing you. Brush the edges with sugar water. Place 1 portion of filling in the corner closest to you. Fold the corner over the mixture. Fold down the side corners and roll up.

Fry the rolls at 170° for about 3 minutes or until golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper.

Serve with sweet pepper sauce or a sweet and sour cucumber relish.

Variant with glass noodles

The recipe is similar but will make 8 rolls. Just add 100 g of fresh noodles, coarsely chopped, to the pan at the same time as the vegetables. You will also need to use 1 extra tablespoon of mushroom sauce. Then divide into 8 equal portions.

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